For customers

For customers

PALACE PLUS offers customers an experience, information and the opportunity to buy renowned Czech costume jewellery and glassware.

The centre surprises every first-time visitor by its size and the assortment of displayed goods. Most of our customers return again and again to see the never-ending inflow of new goods.


Visitors can learn something about costume jewellery and about the materials and manufacturing processes. A large-screen display shows the current MADE IN JABLONEC fashion show and a film about manufacture of hollow beads. Visitors can also make fashion accessories with their own hands in our creative workshop. Those seriously interested in the industry can buy a unique book on commodity analysis written in 2005 by the team of best experts in the field.


We strive to create an accommodating and positive atmosphere at PALACE PLUS. This turns a visit to our costume jewellery centre into a true experience. Watch for news on our websites and come and visit us and our events – you’ll be glad you did. With best wishes from the PALACE PLUS team




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