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Once a month or so we organize workshops on costume jewellery manufacture. There is a creative workshop at PALACE PLUS which is open during our regular opening hours. PALACE PLUS works with manufacturers and vocational schools in the region.
You can penetrate the mysteries of bead handiwork guided by top costume jewellery designers. You will learn many interesting techniques of making costume jewellery and see an infinite number of beads, rocailles and jewellery parts. Workshops are intended for both beginners as well as experienced bead jewellery makers. We adapt them to your skill level and always show you something new.  Watch for news on our website and you’re sure to find the right workshop to suit your needs. We can also organize custom-designed thematic workshops for groups. The price per person is usually CZK 300, which includes material, help from our designer and often also printed instructions. Visitors can choose from more than 550 types of glass beads, design their own necklaces, bracelets or earrings and make them with our help. It is not difficult at all – children can do it, too. The outcome is an original ornament or gift made with your own hands. Final products are sold for the price of material by weight. Advance appointments are recommended for larger groups to ensure sufficient capacity is available. Up to 12 visitors can easily work at the same time in the workshop. In November and December, you can decorate Christmas ornaments in the workshop. In spring, you can decorate your own glass egg. Come in and create your own beautiful jewellery! Thanks to this collaboration we offer demonstrations of manufacture of lamp beads or glass animals right in our centre. Making your own Christmas ornaments is also a very popular activity. You will see how glass ornaments are blown next to the burner and then decorated. You can also try it all yourself. You can also buy glass ornaments and decorations. The usual price per group is CZK 1,500. We recommend ordering both excursions a week or at least several days in advance.




The second half of September is traditionally the time for creative events for adults – our WORKSHOP OF INSPIRATION.

In the first half of Advent we organize a very successful event: CZECH CHRISTMAS AT PALACE PLUS.

A RENDEZVOUS WITH FASHION takes place twice a year at PALACE PLUS.

Guided by several leading designers you will learn about costume jewellery manufacturing techniques, will be able to try these techniques and make your own original piece.

From Friday till Sunday, there are demonstrations of how Christmas ornaments are manufactured, decorated, how to decorate ornaments made of hollow beads and how to make decorations from rocailles. Visitors can try all these activities themselves, including the blowing of Christmas ornaments above a flame.

It is a lecture by a fashion or costume jewellery designer about clothes and accessories in a given season. The lecture also includes showing of photographs from global fashion centres and examples. Usually, an additional lecture follows on a different up-to-date topic. See our NEWS section for more details.

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